Retain Karen Skoog Pend Oreille County Commissioner

EXTREMEly for you…

My Republican opponent paid for an ad where the author writes a letter claiming I am an extremist. However, he gives no example of my extremism, far-out concepts or associations. He gives no example of confrontation or antagonism. He gives no example of agendas that are anti-government. Why?

Because these are baseless accusations.


The Truth About: Southern Poverty Law-Center

While the ad does not cite any examples of extremism on my behalf, it does cite the politically motivated left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center watch blog which recently put our four northern counties plus many Republican candidates and sheriffs on it’s “watch list”. Even the Vice Chair of the Washington State Republican Party recently made the list.

Their claim is that we promote “county supremacy” – another baseless accusation. They wrote that our four counties gathered to “discuss ‘coordination’ in an effort to declare county supremacy and seize ownership of federal lands.” It’s a laughable statement because not one of our commissioners said or believes that. But lies are easy to print. The only real example of extremism shown in the advertisement is the Southern Poverty Law Center itself.

Sue Lani Madsen, a columnist with the Spokesman Review, recently wrote about the history and funding of SPLC when they launched their latest attack on conservatives.


The Truth About: Coordination

If bringing a speaker from Modoc County California, and a USFS District Ranger from Idaho to teach us about how they successfully coordinated together for the benefit of the community while meeting environmental standards is an example of “far-out concepts created by far-out people in other states”, I’ll say, “I was EXTEMELY happy to do it!”

It is not only reasonable but my duty to coordinate with agencies. For some people that is “anti-government”.

I will always listen to people’s concerns but I will not allow attempts to derail opportunities that will better the lives of my neighbors.

Because of my commitment to coordinating with agencies, a ranching family now has hope they will continue operating on the allotment they have held for 50 years. This is the kind of business support that few people know about. In many cases economic development and business retention, whether it is natural resource based or not, is not only sensitive but private. But these projects do exist.

I remain committed to finding principled solutions. My work on creating a natural resource plan and learning and using coordination is key to unlocking our resources and creating jobs within our community. When it comes to our US forest service lands we need more jobs (logging, mining, grazing and access) and less fires. #MoreJobsLessFires.

If there is any guilt-by-association it is that the “republican” paid for an ad written by a Democrat who puts an environmental agenda above the welfare of our community members, and  he is willing to print nonsense about the very commissioners he expects to call colleagues.

If I am an extremist, I am EXTREMELY committed, EXTREMELY motivated and EXTREMELY principled.